Lasers are widely deployed throughout modern military technology, ranging from electro-optic sensors to directed energy weaponry.   Because the range of applications for lasers in the defense community is so wide; so too are the variety of laser techniques, especially solid-state lasers.  Solid-state lasers, including diode lasers, diode pumped solid state (DPSS) lasers, and fiber lasers offer superior mechanical integrity and lifetime reliability when compared to other technologies such as gas lasers.   Within the vast defense application space, two of the largest submarkets for solid-state lasers are mapping & imaging and standoff detection.  Some of the most notable examples of these two categories are laser designation, night vision, and lidar.  While these systems utilize widely different technologies from high pulse energy DPSS lasers to single frequency long coherence length fiber lasers, one thing that most of these applications have in common is that they operate in the near infrared region.  The main motivations for this are two-fold, first and for most in defense laser applications is the fact that eye safety is of the utmost importance and secondly most laser applications in defense require a degree of anonymity making visible lasers undesirable. 

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Active Imaging Standoff Detection

Mapping & Imaging

Standoff Detection 


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