Industrial Technologies

Once known as a solution without a problem, the laser has found countless application in modern industrial processes.  Lasers are used in material processing for applications ranging from machining to surface processing to thin films.  They have also found rapid acceptance in the field of processing and environmental monitoring with applications ranging from gas leak detection to machine vision solutions.  One monitoring application where lasers are uniquely suited is the field of particle counting, where the intensity of the scattered light corresponds to the size of the particle allowing for submicron particle detection.   Lasers are also widely used in test and measurement applications, for example using the photoluminescence to measure the bandgap energy in semiconductor fabrication.  Interferometry is also commonly utilized in industrial testing to measure surface defects down to a fraction of a wavelength of light.  Additionally, lasers are often used as OEM components that get integrated into larger systems, including a pump and seed sources for other lasers.  Here at RPMC lasers, we offer a wide range of diode, diode-pumped solid-state, and fiber lasers which are used all throughout the industrial process.

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