Multi-Wavelength Laser Sources for Multi-Color Fluorescence Microscopy



Multi-color fluorescence microscopy is a widely used technique to generate multi-spectral images of cells and other small objects for identifying the spatial distribution of molecules of interest in complex heterogeneous samples. In this article, we explore the history of fluorescence microscopy, with a heavy emphasis on the role of the importance of utilizing multiple fluorophores (tags) in the same measurement.  

This article will further go on to explain that to alleviate the challenges of integrating multiple lasers into a single microscope, RPMC Lasers offers the LaserBoxx from Oxxius, in which up to seven different lasers can be dichroicly beam combined and coupled into a single-mode fiber optic cable.  The LaserBoxx can be configured with any combination of the 22 different wavelength laser options that Oxxius offers between 375 nm and 1064nm, with output power up to 500 mW.  The LaserBoxx allows you to excite the full range of available fluorophores, without having to beam combine and align all of the lasers individually.  


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